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Armament: Smooth Action is instantly noticeable & guaranteed on all Armament after applying only a few micro drops on all moving part including Sear and Bullet Ramp. Nano-Oil TM by StClaire is used by Swat Teams and Sheriff's Departments and our Armies in Iraq where micro sands also known as moon dust is creating enormous problems, data will be available soon.
Knives: Nano-Oil TM by StClaire will render the opening & closing extemely smooth after 5 drops two on each side of the blade/washers front & back + one on the locking mechanism,
Robotics: Robotics Joints & Articulations can now operate in much tighter tolerances as demonstrated at  West Pack 2007 trade show in Anaheim California where some robots where down after the drive motors over heated, a quick application at the friction points revived operations & allowed them to finish the show without over heating. Any metal to metal dynamic contacts will benefit greatly.
Segway: the T-Handle threaded locking knob always galls which destroys the bushing, the problem exist on all HT & PT Models.
At Play: Bicycling ( in cables & sprockets for smoother derailment), Motorcycles (Engine/Gear Chains or Cam shaft),  Fishing Reels, Guns, Rifles (see below) , Roller Skating & Skate Boarding on Bearings see fastest electric skate board on the world www.E-Glide.com 0 to 22 mph in less than 2  seconds, Mountain Climbing Tyroliennes (pulleys) & other Hardware such as Carabeeners.
RC racing: RC racing & Slot Cars(commutator/brushes) will improve performance substantially with less material loss due to friction/abrasion.
Anti Galling, Scoring & Abrasion Resistance: unsurpassed assembly lube, Flashlight Threads, Hinges, Stamping Presses (Nano-Oil TM by StClaire has saved a lot of tooling costs)
Sewing Machinery & Weaving all types Industrial & Personal.
Automotive: Automobiles, Trucks Gasoline & Diesel, Motorcycles & Recreation Vehicles: Engines both Diesel & Gas, Transmissions both Manual & Automatic, Differentials, Universal Joints, Bearings Formulation Specific available  Cabling:  a few drops inside cable casings will provide a long lasting smooth operation & even revives old gummed up cable passages.
Trucking Industry: from the Engine to the final transfer of energy onto the pavement which are the wheel bearings in the axle & any thing in between: Engine-> Transmission/Transfer case -> Universals -> Differential -> Wheel Bearings. Also all attaching hardware can be rendered smooth bringing  safety to the operator. Formulation Specific available
Marine Industry: Engines use same as Automotive, Out board Drive Formulation Specific available.
Hunting: Guns, Rifles, Knives a few drops will render Armament smooth operating, you will feel & hear it after just a few cycles after application ( applied on the surface of all metal will create an unsurpassed moisture/anti oxidant barrier) testimonial coming soon from Private Users, Swat Teams, Sheriff's Departments, Military & other Government Agencies that have benefited from its usage.
Industrial: all Metal to Metal Dynamic Contacts will benefit greatly from an application that will be long lasting
  •  Printing Industry a few drops on Cams will change the way Guillotine Cutters perform in terms of effort needed to operate either Hand Operated, Hydraulic or Worm Drive, specifics will be added soon on this Website.
  •  Injection Molding Plants
  • Metal Forming
  • Bottling Plants  first work at Lagunitas Brewery Petaluma, California was done in 1999 & currently we   are expending the scope of lubrication to the multitude of Metal to Metal parts & Glass to Metal with great success, more will come on the subject.
AeroSpace: Nano-Oil TM by StClaire film strength & the fact that Nano Bearings penetrate metal surfaces make it suitable for deep vacuum found in Aerospace.
Valving: all valves & actuators: hard to turn/open Scuba Diving Tank Valves will open & close using only 2 fingers after a quick application, conditioning & removal of Nano-Oil TM by StClaire tm, you should know that you are opposing upward of 3000 psi when opening & closing, seeing & feeling is believing.
At Home: Hinges, Lock, Home Appliances, Garage door Opener any metal to metal or Polymer to metal.
Professional Shops: all Pneumatic tools will benefit from just a few drops through the air intake, the results are instantaneous & audible as RPM increase within a few seconds.
Shipping Industry: from giant Diesels where each piston are the size of a small room to compressors on board & anything in between:  refrigeration, pumps, actuators, valves big & small, applied to Sherwood Valve holding 4500 psi pressure, 4 drops rendered the valves from having to turn using the whole hand to doing the job with the little finger & the thumb (there is no power available using those fingers in combination),  which is the preferred method for Christian StClaire to test efficiency on such devices.
Nuclear Facilities: Nano-Oil TM by StClaire film strength & the fact that Nano Bearings penetrate metal surfaces make it suitable for Steam Environments.
the Benefits of a Nanolube Application to any Metal to Metal Dynamic Contact are unsurpassed 
Works Mitsubishi Evo Dyno Tests performed 20070523 are in & quite impressive Click for Results  Other Dyno Tests were performed on June 11th. 2007 on a Lancer Evolution Aspirated
 Carburation, and produced consistent results of horse power and torque increases.
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